Kitchen Junket

A kitchen junket is a dance party held in the largest room in a private home. Traditionally the kitchen was the largest room in old New England farm houses so that is where the dancing was done.

Even with town halls, grange halls and larger spaces available, people still, right up to today, continue to prefer the intimacy and control over who attends their junket. There is no need to deal with rent, police or insurance. Food is always served.

The dances are such that no experience is needed.

Wood floors are best. Tile, cement, or brick are okay. No carpets or rugs. Rooms 8x12 feet will accommodate 4-5 couples and should be thought of as minimum space. Invite 2-3 times as many people that would fill the room. Everyone doesn't dance the whole time. People take turns. Dances are repeated.

So...if you have the space, have a junket...a great way for friends and relative to get together to visit and dance.

We have a small ballroom in home in Canterbury, NH, home where we hold dances whenever there is a fifth weekend. See the Schedule for Wind in the Timothy dances.

We'll travel anywhere!



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