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Fiddle Camp June
June 13-15, 2008 FULL

Fiddle Camp August I
August 3-8, 2008

Fiddle Camp August II
August 10-15, 2008

A lakeside weekend (June) or weeklong (August) music camp for all ages and levels. Families welcome. Dance music in Scots-Irish, French & Scandinavian traditions as they've evolved in Maine. Staff of several traditional musicians giving fiddle, fiddle, fiddle, piano, guitar, banjo, bones, cello, accordion and other classes and workshops with performances, jams, singing, dancing, and swimming.


Greg Boardman
Guy Bouchard
Erica Brown
Éric Favreau
Ellen Gawler 
John Gawler 
Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman 
Jeff Mckeen 
Steve Muise 
Kaity Newell 
Carter Newell 
John Pranio 
Doug Protsik 
Don Roy 
Nathan Slobodkin (Nate is a luthier) 
Hank Washburn
Pam Weeks
Lissa Schneckenberger
and more!

Greg Boardman - June & August
Greg is the founder of Maine Fiddle Camp and has been a major inspiration for many fiddlers over the last 28 years throughout all of Maine. He has steered a career in folk music by playing for concerts and dances, and especially trying to learn the regional "DownEast" fiddling style from the likes of Otto Soper and Simon St. Pierre, and by teaching music and fiddling in the Auburn area. His current band is Timbrell
Email: gboardman@lewnet.avcnet.org .

Guy Bouchard - August

Erica Brown - June
Erica developed an interest in music at an early age. At the age of seven, Erica was competing in fiddle contests with people twice her age. At age nine, she was traveling throughout New England, Canada, and even Louisiana with the Maine French Fiddlers. For the past five years, Erica has been performing as a special guest with Mac McHale And The Old-Time Radio Gang. Currently, she has her own bluegrass band, Erica Brown & The Bluegrass Connection and has produces and released three CDs.
For more information please visit: www.ericabrownonline.com

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Ellen Gawler - June & August
Ellen Gawler began her study of traditional fiddling in Scotland, where she learned from the old masters. She teaches Suzuki violin and performs with her family band . Also a seasoned singer, Ellen’s early inspiration came from her own parents and their Vermont neighbors, the renowned Macarthur family. Her Maine-based trio, Trillium, has released two CDs of lovely singing and fiddling.

Éric Favreau
Éric Favreau comes from a family of traditional musicians and has spent a great deal of time playing with other fiddlers, learning their repertoire and studying their varied styles. Éric has explored and exploited various sources including archives and personally made field recordings and has accumulated a rich and fascinating repertoire. Over the years, he has garnered a profound understanding and vast knowledge of Québécois traditional music. As an individual, and in various groups including Entourloupe, Éric has vast experience in the Canadian, United State and European music scenes. Éric has recorded two solo albums, two with his current group Entourloupe, and has appeared on at least a dozen others. He his a consumate entertainer/educator in Introduction to traditional music workshop in the public school system in program under the auspices of the Minister of Education. He also teaches traditional fiddle, and the history of traditional music at the Cégèp(Junior college music) in Joliette, Québec. Éric's playing is marked by delicacy, nuance and liveliness that will leave no foot untapped!

John Gawler - June
John plays 5-string banjo, guitar, and piano and is the best bottom feeder in the business! When he isn’t smiling and putting on a roof, he is smiling and singing a Woody Guthrie song, accompanied by his wife, Ellen Gawler, or one of his daughters in the Gawler Family Band. Besides doing workshops, John helps host the camper concerts. 
Email: johnbones@aol.com 

Dudley and Jackie Laufman - June
Since 1986, Jacqueline and Dudley Laufman have been playing for dances as Two Fiddles. Prior to that, Dudley, who has been playing and calling dances for over fifty years, has been the leader of the Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra. In 1971 the Orchestra became the first dance band to make an LP recording, which was re-released in the summer of 2001.
For more info, visit their website at www.laufman.org 
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Jeff Mckeen - June
Jeff plays button accordion, guitar, banjo, and the hammiest of bones. Jeff has played with The Old Grey Goose for over twenty years, doing innumerable workshops in schools all over the state, and keeping the old-time music in Maine alive. A resident of Montville, he gets the fire permit every year and helps host the camper concerts, and providing the best of accompaniment for fiddlers. 
Email: mckeen@agate.net 

Steve Muise - June & August
Steve Muise has been fiddling his family's Downeast Style for many years. (His parents are 1st and 2nd generation Nova Scotians) He founded the Franklin County Fiddlers, a group of student musicians from the Farmington area that tours around Maine displaying and promoting fiddle styles.  Steve is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, and is a stringed instrument teacher in the MSAD #9 schools. Steve enjoys playing all styles, ranging from Downeast (maritime), Québécois, Celtic, and jazz.
Email: debsteve@somtel.com
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Kaity Newell - June & August
Kaity teaches fiddle in Damariscotta and has played for dances for many years with The Maine Country Dance Orchestra, and with the band The Lady Bugs. A native of Great Britain, Kaity has brought many a fine tune from the British Isles to our local dances. Kaity also plays viola in the local community orchestra and has four children, all of whom play music and come to camp every year.

Carter Newell - June
When Carter isn’t working on aquaculture projects he loves to play his fiddle with The Old Grey Goose, and with his wife Kaity and The Newell Family Band. He has collected tunes from old Maine fiddlers like Arnold Kennedy from Aroostook County, and has traveled extensively with his fiddle throughout the British Isles and the Maritime Provinces.
Email: carter@lincoln.midcoast.com
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John Pranio - June
John first started as a teenage fiddler playing Appalachian style from recordings, but soon found out it was more fun to play tunes for contra dances, and has been doing just that for 20 years. Since moving to Maine in 1989, he is best known for his rhythmic dance fiddling at contra dances with his current band The Usual Suspects. John has a real musical family, with his wife Toki accompanying him on bass and guitar.
Tel. (207) 549-3820

Doug Protsik - June & August
Doug likes to play the "old-time piano" for dances, melodramas, honky tonk saloons, and silent movies. He learned his style from Otto Soper, Geneva Walton, and Danny Patt among many others. He plays with Old Grey Goose and produced all three of their recordings, including the group’s first recording in 1978 for Folkways, "Old Time Country Dance Tunes and Songs from Maine", now available again on CD. Doug also plays piano, accordion, and fiddle. He is the Camp Director again this year.
Email: protsik@gwi.net
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Don Roy - June
Don learned how to play the fiddle from his Uncle, Lucien Mathieu when he was 15 years old, and soon after became influenced by his fiddling friends Ben Guillemette, Joe and Gerry Robichaud, and Graham Townsend. His personal style would show strong influence from the Canadian provinces and Northern Ireland. Don started and managed The Maine French Fiddlers with his wife Cindy (piano) for 11 years during which he played such venues as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The Barns at Wolf Trap, Prairie Home Companion. His latest recording, "Thanks for the Lift", is a collection of rare tunes learned from his mentors and has been nominated for a National Heritage Award. 
Tel: (207) 892-3512
Email: droy@maineturnpike.com
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Lissa Schneckenburger - August
Lissa made her professional debut recording "The Mad Hatter" on the Outer Green label in 1997 and her new album, "Different Game" was released in March of 2001.  She has been featured on Thistle & Shamrock, and National Public Television's "A Taste of Chanukah", filmed in New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall.
For more info on Lissa, check out her website at www.lissafiddle.com
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Nathan Slobodkin - June
Nate has been in the music instrument business for twenty-five years, including five years of building violins, violas, and cellos in the W.H. Lee workshop in Chicago, two years on the restoration staff of Jacques François Rare Violins, New York, and an internship at the Smithsonian Institution. Nate currently has his own shop in Bangor, and plays the fiddle as well! He will be presenting workshops on care, maintenance, and answer any questions regarding your instrument.
Tel. (207) 941-6448

Hank Washburn - June
Hank is well known for his fiddle playing at dances around the midcoast and foothills areas of Maine, often with the band the "Usual Suspects". Hank plays and teaches entirely by ear, and in addition to fiddle he plays mandolin and guitar.

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Pam Weeks - June
Pam plays fiddle for contra dances and Cajun dances with her bands Scrod Pudding and Jimmyjo and the Jambalayas when she isn’t teaching fiddle at her private studio in Turner, Maine. In October 1998 she organized the L/A Youth Folk Ensemble.
For more info on Pam, check out her website at Pam Weeks Homepage
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  Maine Fiddle Camp Concert  


7:30 pm
Chocolate Church Arts Center, Bath ME

A concert featuring Maine's finest fiddling artists including:

  • Ed Howe
  • Pam Weeks
  • Erica Brown
  • Greg Boardman
  • Steve Muise
  • John Pranio
  • Hank Washburn
  • Elaine Malkin
  • Jennifer Armstrong
  • Old Grey Goose
  • Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman
  • Newell Family
  • And More!!!!






   Hutchinson's Sugarin' Off Party  


Sunday March 30, 2008


1:00 pm


Hutchinson's Sugar House

Hackleboro Road, Canterbury, NH


Dance a little and join us in the chorus of Maple Sweet:

Oh, bubble, bubble, bubble goes the syrup in the pan.

Making sweeter music try to top it if you can.

See the golden billows; watch the ebb and flow.

Sweetest joys indeed we sugar makers know.

  Old Time Nelson Dance  


Saturday, September 27, 2008


8:00 pm


Nelson Town Hall

Nelson, New Hampshire




  Potluck Supper  6:30 or 7:00 pm  




   French Canadian Soirée  


? ? ? ?   2007



Parish Hall, Parish of the Transfiguration

Corner of Alsace and Kelly Streets

Manchester, NH

Adm: $10 general public, $8 sponsor members

Reservations encouraged, please call 622-7531

Manchester, NH – Back by popular demand, the Manchester Historic Association will host a French-Canadian Soiree on Friday night, November 19, at the parish hall of the Parish of the Transfiguration. Experience a traditional house party with fiddling, singing and dancing. Coffee and sugar pies will be served during the intermission.

This year’s soiree will feature the singing of the Cote family and fiddling from James Pero and Jared Moreau. To finish the evening Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman will call a few traditional dances from Quebec. These New Hampshire artists are masters of the traditional arts associated with French Canada. Manchester native and cultural historian Robert Perreault will be the M.C. for the evening.

The Cotes are a multigenerational family with a strong singing tradition. Many of the songs they sing come from the bonne chanson music books, a popular collection published in Canada in the 1930s. James Pero and Jared Moreau are two outstanding fiddlers in the French-Canadian tradition. Their style of fiddling has a very distinct rhythm and a unique repertoire. Dudley Laufman has been calling traditional dances for almost 60 years. He has received national recognition for his part in preserving dance traditions.

For an evening of great music, food and dance plan to attend the Manchester Historic Association’s French-Canadian Soiree on November 19 at the parish hall of the Parish of the Transfiguration (corner of Alsace and Kelly Streets). Festivities begin at 7:00. General admission is only $10, $8 for members of the sponsoring organizations. Reservations are encouraged. For more information or to make reservations please call the Manchester Historic Association at (603) 622-7531.



For further information contact

Gail Nessell Colglazier

Director, Manchester Historic Association

(603) 622-7531 ext. 223

(603) 641 8191 (fax.)




Jacqueline & Dudley Laufman

PO Box 61, Canterbury, NH, USA 03224

Tel: 603-783-4719   Fax: 603-783-9578 

New email as of January 2007: 

jdlaufman (at) comcast (dot) net

(Put the @ symbol in above address instead of the word (at) with no spaces and a . between comcast and net to deter spam.)

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